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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Development of a Neonatal Murine Model of Nephrotoxin Induced Acute Kidney Injury Margaret Van Cleve Jennifer Charlton 2020 Harrison Award
Does Backchannel Diplomacy Lead to Peace? Ryan Alcorn & Dana Moyer Philip Potter 2020 Double Hoo Award
Does Early Intervention Improve Outcomes After Surgery for Posterior Glottic Stenosis? Karlie Sivetz Patrick McGarey 2020 Harrison Award
Elucidating a Reversed Starvation Response in Dopamine-Deficient Drosophila Ashley Ewing Jay Hirsh 2020 Harrison Award
Evaluating the impact of cholesterol dyshomeostasis on astrocyte mitochondria Emily Bian & Joshua Milstein Heather Ferris 2020 Double Hoo Award
Examining the Interplay Between Tau and the Axon Initial Segment in an Alzheimer’s Disease Model Yunu Lim & Merci Best George Bloom 2020 Double Hoo Award
Examining Women Cancer Survivor's Usage Patterns of a Novel Mental Health Mobile Application Ravi Suresh Philip Chow 2020 Harrison Award
Familial Relationships During the Chinese Cultural Revolution Kelsey Schoeman Bradley Reed 2020 Harrison Award
From Time to Time: Defining the Book of Hours Through Visual, Material, and Textual Engagement Lauren Kim & Emmalee Dove Eric Ramirez-Weaver 2020 Double Hoo Award
Geophysics in Archaeology and the Aphidna Survey Project (Greece) Brian Pfeifer Anastasia Dakouri-Hild 2020 Harrison Award
HCI: Nonconscious Digital Self-Control Tool Application to Prevent Digital Device Overuse Robert Schwartz Panagiotis Apostolellis 2020 Harrison Award
How KLF14 functions differently in female and male adipocyte cells Zhiwen Xu Mete Civelek 2020 Harrison Award
Investigate the Role of Bifunctional Growth Factor - Amphiregulin in Type 1 Diabetes Gabrielle Costlow Rahul Sharma 2020 Harrison Award
Investigating How Cognitive Load Affects Processing of Emotional Images of Varying Arousal and Valence Luke Cavanah James Morris 2020 Harrison Award
Investigation the role of Dopamine signaling in circadian feeding behavior and body weight regulation Charles Brennan & Qijun Tang Ali Guler 2020 Double Hoo Award
Justice John Marshall Harlan I’s Enigmatic Views on Equality Maximus Markon Elizabeth Varon 2020 Harrison Award
Machine Learning Image Analysis for Advanced High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composite Characterization Rachel McNamara & Rachel Guarriello Elizabeth Opila 2020 Double Hoo Award
Merging Mediums: Photography and Sculpture Elizabeth Wimbish William Wylie 2020 University Award for Projects in Arts
Molecular Nickel Complex for Energy Relevant Catalysis Julia Dressel Charles Machan 2020 Harrison Award
Molecular Regulators of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Garvey Cummings & Janet Arras Amy Bouton 2020 Double Hoo Award