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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Re-Contextualizing Successful Outcomes for Militant Organizations in Conflict Mithra Dhinakaran, Alexis Jihye Yang Philip Potter 2021 Double Hoo Award
Reframing Public Health Pedagogy: Design of a Community Health Organizing Curriculum Alongside SEWA Kamya Sanjay, Hansa Doppalapudi, Mansi Suresh, Aira Matin Rupa Valdez 2021 CBURG Award
Reversible Interconversion of Platinum Cations to Nanoparticles in Zeolites for Catalyst Regeneration Anupama Jayaraman, Keka Mandal Chris Paolucci 2021 Double Hoo Award
Role of a Unique Microglia Population in Fighting Cerebral Toxoplasmosis Ish Sethi, Maureen Cowan Tajie Harris 2021 Double Hoo Award
Role of Turkish Jews in Nationalism and Nation-Building in Turkey, 1850-1955 Alize Dreyer Joshua White 2021 Harrison Award
Semantic and episodic contributions to false memory formation William Meyer, Isabelle Moore Nicole Long 2021 Double Hoo Award
Spinning the Evidence: Politicization of Intelligence 1961-1977 Adrian Mamaril, Christopher Dictus Philip Potter 2021 Double Hoo Award
Systems biology approaches to identify mechanisms of SMCs plasticity Diana Albarracin Mete Civelek 2021 Harrison Award
The Contribution of Face Recognition Ability and Other-Race Contact to Confidence and Accuracy in Cross-Race Eyewitness Identifications Austin Nguyen, Jessica Gettleman Chad Dodson 2021 Double Hoo Award
The Cradle Will Rock: Exploring Sleep's Role in Infant's Developing Mental Health Heath Yancey Tobias Grossmann 2021 Harrison Award
The Effect of Enhanced Plasticity on Learning Catherine Shen Adema Ribic 2021 Harrison Award
The Effect of High- versus Moderate-Intensity Exercise on Postprandial Plasma Triglyceride Levels Following a High Fat Meal Ariel Liu, Faten Hasan Sibylle Kranz 2021 Double Hoo Award
The effects of cell-adhesive peptide hydrogels on oligodendrocyte precursor cell morphology Anna Kittel Kyle Lampe 2021 Harrison Award
The Impact of a Novel Fall Intervention on High Fall Risk Populations in Senior Living Communities Melissa Choi, Maggie Bujor, Meenoti Thakore Aaron Yao 2021 CBURG Award
The Influence of the meningeal lymphatic system on neuronal health after traumatic brain injury Daniel Shapiro John Lukens 2021 Harrison Award
The Risk of Sport-Related Concussion in Collegiate Athletes Following a Lower Extremity Injury Madison Brna Jacob Resch 2021 Harrison Award
The Role of BDNF in Structural Development of AgRP “hunger” Neurons Kavya Parekh Christopher Deppmann 2021 Harrison Award
The role of CARD9 in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis Caroline Holliday, Hannah Ennerfelt John Lukens 2021 Double Hoo Award
The Role of Wnt5a in Promoting EndoMT in Adipose Endothelial Cells Tanvi Vippa Ken Walsh 2021 Harrison Award
The Use of Hydrogel-Nanoparticle Composites for Localized Antibiotic Delivery Austin Amacher, Beverly Miller Steven Caliari 2021 Double Hoo Award