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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
T Cell Help in Immune Response to Blood Transfusion and Vaccination Arwen Chandler Chance John Luckey 2023 Harrison Award
The Biological Mechanisms Underlying the Telescoping Effect in Women Emaan Qillawala Wendy Lynch 2023 Harrison Award
The Case of Zimbabwean Development Sarita Mithal Emily Burrill 2023 Harrison Award
The Effect of Caffeine to Treat Apnea of Prematurity on Excitation and Inhibition Levels in the Infant Brain Avery Dougald Meghan Puglia 2023 Harrison Award
The Effect of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder on Murine Brain Development Heeran Karim Christopher Deppmann 2023 Harrison Award
The Role of Cell Death and Microglial in Regulating Neural Progenitor Cell Proliferation to Promote Plasticity and Return to Homeostasis Kathryn Chung Tracy Larson 2023 Harrison Award
The Role of Fos Positive Astrocytes in Epilepsy Jennifer San Pietro & Madison Failor Edward Perez-Reyes 2023 Double Hoo Award
The Role of the Gene Eyeless in Mushroom Body Neurogenesis Carina Karp & Kendall Branham Sarah Siegrist 2023 Double Hoo Award
Uncovering the Genetic Basis of Diet-Induced Obesity Olivia Yang Eyleen O'Rourke 2023 Harrison Award
Understanding the Epigenetic Regulations of the Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter in Macrophages Ava Johnston Bimal Desai 2023 Harrison Award
Understanding the role of pannexin-1 (PANX1) channels in cardiomyocytes in neutrophil recruitment to the failing heart Hannah Luviano & Katie Pavelec Norbert Leitinger 2023 Double Hoo Award
Understanding the Role of T-Regulatory Cells in Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury and Fibrosis Bharath Dileep Kumar Anne Sperling 2023 Harrison Award
Unraveling Gas-Surface Energy Transfer Effects on the Reactivity of Linear & Branched Alkanes on Transition Metal Catalysts through Advancements in Theoretical Modeling of Experiments Dade Walker & Mark Bernard Allan Harrison 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using Microfluidics and Agent-Based Modeling to Evaluate the Role of Porous Media in Chemotactic Migration Eliza Mills & Rhea Braun Roseanne Ford 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using single nucleotide polymorphisms to characterize cis- and trans-splicing in Mus musculus and Mus spretus Jack Engel & Samuel Haddox Hui Li 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using Tryptophan Fluorescence to Study AVIL Binding Interactions Thomas Manley & Adelaide Fierti Hui Li 2023 Double Hoo Award
A Comparative Study of Cortical Neuron Activation between Hyperventilation-Induced and Spontaneous Seizures Rithvik Gundlapalli Mark Beenhakker 2022 Harrison Award
A novel pharmacological modulation of primary cilia and cancer cell drug response Ethan Powers & Deepti Narayanan Zheng Fu 2022 Harrison Award
A Revolutionary Education: Libertadores, travel abroad, and France Samanta Pomier jofre Bradly Reed 2022 Harrison Award
Adaptive Digital Twinning: An Immersive Visualization Framework For Structural Cyber-Physical Systems Connor Lyons & Zahra Zhiyanpour Devin Harris 2022 Double Hoo Award