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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
N-heterocyclic olefin (NHO) supported reduction of carbon dioxide using environmentally benign reductants Sarah Stegner Robert Gilliard 2022 Harrison Award
Post-C. difficile infection memory impairment in the aged mouse model Sophia Goldbeck Cirle Warren 2022 Harrison Award
Role of Exercise in Neuronal and Glial Signaling Profiles in Alzheimer's Disease August Kahle Christopher Deppmann 2022 Harrison Award
Searching for BSM LLP Vertices using ML Colby Thompson Christopher Neu 2022 Harrison Award
Synthesis and Characterization of Ru-Doped Mixed-Oxide Water Splitting Catalyst Paul Bean Sen Zhang 2022 Harrison Award
The characterization of reactive astrocytes in the optic nerve head of a Pax6 developmental disease mouse model. Joelle Nilak Xiaorong Liu 2022 Harrison Award
The combined effects of genetic background and diet on metabolism Dhanush Banka & Jordan Reed Mete Civelek 2022 Double Hoo Award
The effect of a novel TET2 mutation on proinflammatory cytokine production in human monocytes Julia Ball Coleen McNamara 2022 Harrison Award
The Effect of Maternal Depression and Sensitive Parenting on Infant Brain Development Sydney Anderson Tobias Grossmann 2022 Harrison Award
The Effect of Time Pressure on Children's Fairness Behavior and Executive Function Hailey Costello & Johanna Chajes Amrisha Vaish 2022 Double Hoo Award
The Effects of Inflammasome Activation on Seizure Propagation Ava Hollis & Kristine Zengeler John Lukens 2022 Double Hoo Award
The role of astrocytes in regulating naturally-occurring neuronal turnover John Boyd Tracy Larson 2022 Harrison Award
The role of cell-adhesion molecule Nectin3 in cochlear innervation Esha Fateh & Shaylyn Clancy Xiaowei Lu 2022 Double Hoo Award
The Role of Id3 in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Chemokine Expression and B cell in Atherosclerosis Yilun Zhou Coleen McNamara 2022 Harrison Award
To what extent do voting rights for people with disabilities vary across time and space in Latin America, and what explains that variation? Annie Zetkulic Peter Johannessen 2022 Harrison Award
Uncovering the Cartographical History of the Atlantic World Vincent Kloes Max Edelson 2022 Harrison Award
3D Bioprinting Tumor Models Ailene Edwards Matthew Lazzara 2021 Harrison Award
3D Printed Shape-Changing Materials Meliha Grbic Ji Ma 2021 Harrison Award
A Foundation for Contextual Bandit Applications Kasra Lekan, Mark Rucker Hongning Wang 2021 Double Hoo Award
A Neural Network Method for the Classification of Cell Viability in Microscope Images Brian Mbogo Ammasi Periasamy 2021 Harrison Award