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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Duties to Resist One’s Own Oppression Jordan Bridges Elizabeth Barnes 2019 Harrison Award
Effects of Cell-type Specific Expression of an SCN8A Mutation on Intrinsic Excitability Samantha Strohm Manoj Patel 2019 Harrison Award
Elucidating the role of Pou6f1 in secondary germinal center formation Andria Li John Luckey 2019 Harrison Award
Empowering Youth through a Sexual and Reproductive Health Online Education Intervention in Roatan, Honduras Reanna Panagides, Christine Guzman, Annika Rhinehart, Abigal Maclin, Mira Sridharan 2019 JPC Award
Engineering spatiotemporally dynamic hyaluronic acid hydrogels to mimic tissue fibrosis Kathryn Gimeno & Erica Hui Steven Caliari 2019 Double Hoo Award
Evaluating the Quality and Efficacy of Home-Based Medical Care Programs in China Joyce Cheng Aaron Yao 2019 CBURG Award
Examining Metabolic Adaptations of an Altered Schaedler Flora Member to the Murine Gut Benjamin Neubert Jason Papin 2019 Harrison Award
Examining Molecular Markers in the Prefrontal Cortex that Underlie the Efficacy of Exercise at Reducing Relapse Vulnerability Lasyapriya Pidaparthi Wendy Lynch 2019 Harrison Award
Expanding and Evaluating the Impact of the Code Ana Allergy Preparedness Program in Charlottesville and Surrounding School Districts Sareena Chadha, Sidnea Stresler, Sophia Melly, Chelsea Li 2019 JPC Award
Exploring Creative Economies In Makhanda: The Role of Arts in Economic and Community Development Carlin Smith Noel Lobley 2019 Harrison Award
Fabrication of an Artificial Stromal Cell Network for Biomimetic Lymphocyte Interactions ex vivo Alyssa Montalbine Rebecca Pompano 2019 Harrison Award
French Flags, Arab Dhows: Law on the Indian Ocean in the 19th Century Charlotte Troyan Fahad Bishara 2019 Harrison Award
Identifying Needs and Bridging Gaps in Khayelitsha, South Africa Mercer Craighill, Clarissa Shelley, Johntrell Bowles, Roxanne Paleo, Brian Blaine 2019 JPC Award
Individual Variability in the Oxytocinergic System and the Development of Amygdala Functional Connectivity Alison Goldstein & Amalia McDonald James Morris 2019 Double Hoo Award
Infecting the Public with Imagevirus Jacqueline Siegel Christa Robbins 2019 Harrison Award
Investigating the Role of Geoengineering as a Moral Hazard for Climate Change Mitigation Hanna Davis & Maura Austin Benjamin Converse 2019 Double Hoo Award
Investigation of acute hypothalamic neuron response to a high-fat diet and its dopamine-1 receptor dependence Krystyna Cios Ali Guler 2019 Harrison Award
Investigation of non-psychoactive compounds in Cannabis sativa for the treatment of refractory epilepsy Brett Goerl Mark Beenhakker 2019 Harrison Award
Macrophage Regulation of MCU Complex Rachel Olson Bimal Desai 2019 Harrison Award
Maintaining Genetic Diversity in natural populations Morgan DeLong-Maxey Alan Bergland 2019 Harrison Award