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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Analyzing the Effects of Screen Time on Neural Development in Adolescents using MRI Alexander Atalay Jason Druzgal 2022 Harrison Award
Appalachian Perspectives of Local Healthcare Stella Alexiou & Courtney Rodgers Richard Handler 2022 Double Hoo Award
Assessing Parent-Child Interactional Quality via Dyadic Brain Synchrony, Oxytocin Receptor Gene Methylation, and Engagement Scores Megan Liu Tanya Evans 2022 Harrison Award
Characterization of Functional Intersections between Focused Ultrasound and Exosomal Transcriptomes in Breast Cancer Emma Imbarlina Natasha Sheybani 2022 Harrison Award
Characterizing the potential of Pool-Seq data for demographic inference David Bass Alan Bergland 2022 Harrison Award
CLEC7A in Alzheimer's Disease Caroline Holliday John Lukens 2022 Harrison Award
Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation: Understanding Impact on Practice Victoria Kim & Jacob Elmore Peter Youngs 2022 Double Hoo Award
Computational Approach to Studying Memory Plasticity Rule Huayi Peng William Levy 2022 Harrison Award
Computational Tool for Quantitative Morphometry of Lung Histology in Fibrotic Disease Brendan Cox Jeffrey Sturek 2022 Harrison Award
Confronting the Growing Issue of Religicide Jordan Crivella Jerry White 2022 Harrison Award
Crypto-democracy? Non-Fungible Tokens, Digital Aesthetics and the Political Economy of Decentralization Hazel Schaus & Karl-Magnus Brose Christa Robbins 2022 Double Hoo Award
Defining L-serine as a longevity factor Leah Gunnoe & Elisa Enriquez Heles Jeffrey Smith 2022 Double Hoo Award
Determining GRP-DMV circuitry in the control of lower esophageal sphincter physiology Ian Irushalmi & Tatiana Coverdell John Campbell 2022 Double Hoo Award
Determining the Individual Masses of Accreting White Dwarf Binaries Using Gravitational Waves Sophia Yi Kent Yagi 2022 Harrison Award
Elucidating Effects of Glp-1R Agonist Pathways on the Principle Clock & Circadian Rhythms Aleyna Buyukaksakal & Elizabeth Godschall Ali Güler 2022 Double Hoo Award
Elucidating neural crest cell phagocytic activity during early zebrafish neurodevelopment Ginger Smith Sarah Kucenas 2022 Harrison Award
Establishment of a novel model for brain overgrowth without detrimental impacts on neuronal survival or behavior Elizabeth Scalzi Tracy Larson 2022 Harrison Award
Examining Social Exploration Among College Students Maddie Mixon & Kyle Barrentine Adrienne Wood 2022 Double Hoo Award
Examining the Mechanical Stability of Cured Hydrogels by Quantifying the Degree of Cross-linking Isabella Lee & Jonathan Zatorski Rebecca Pompano 2022 Double Hoo Award
Examining the Role of Clusterin in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis using Glioma Cells Deniz Olgun Alban Gaultier 2022 Harrison Award