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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Development of a Tissue Engineered Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier Rachel Johnston Rebecca Pompano 2024 Harrison Award
Development of Graphical Neuroimaging Analysis Library for Brain-Imaging Studies Kunaal Agarwal Javier Rasero 2024 Harrison Award
Does genotypic compatibility contribute to parasite fitness? Schubin Chon Amanda Gibson 2024 Harrison Award
Does Hunger Exacerbate Physiological and Emotional Responses to Stress? Gianna Latorre Jennifer MacCormack 2024 Harrison Award
Dominant negative correlation and critical period analysis of finley mutant gap junction sub-unit Connexin 41.8 in Danio Rerio Harrison Hutto Dave Parichy 2024 Harrison Award
Effect of Audiogenic-Induced Seizures on Hypercapnic Ventilatory Response in a Mouse Model of Scn8a Epilepsy Miranda Sculimbrene Ian Wenker 2024 Harrison Award
Effect of semaglutide and liraglutide on feeding behavior and hypothalamic neural activity Eunhye Park Edward Nieh 2024 Harrison Award
Effects of abscission protein Cep55 on cortical cell fate Ellie Ross Noelle Dwyer 2024 Harrison Award
Exploring Disease Resistance in Lewis Flax Populations Varying in Disease Prevalence Ean Huang Amanda Gibson 2024 Harrison Award
Exploring neuronal activity changes in a microglia-ablated model of social memory impairment Eva Campbell Elise Cope 2024 Harrison Award
Exploring the Efficacy of Self-Help Materials Loretta Dredger Deborah Kang 2024 Harrison Award
Exploring the Interplay of Floral Morphology, Life History, and Genetic Isolation on Pollen Tube Growth Rates in Mimulus guttatus Hannah Russell & Jemima Elsherbini David Carr 2024 Double Hoo Award
Framing Lost Familial Locations Carly Ault James Scheuren 2024 University Award for Projects in Arts
Functional Impact of Truncating Mutant Proteins causing Joubert Syndrome Evan Carpenter Zheng Fu 2024 Harrison Award
Groupoid von Neumann Algebras as a Unifying Language for Rigidity James Harbour Benjamin Hayes 2024 Harrison Award
Gui Zhou (The Return) Jolinna Li Anna Hogg 2024 University Award for Projects in Arts
Harnessing Glucosylceramide Synthase and Acid Ceramidase Inhibitors to Improve Venetoclax Sensitivity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Maansi Taori Thomas Loughran Jr. 2024 Harrison Award
High-Speed and Low Complexity Single-Cell Sorting System on Biophysical Metrics John Berberian & Javad Jarmoshti Nathan Swami 2024 Double Hoo Award
Hyper driving growth of a neural region controlling singing behavior by manipulating proliferation of neural progenitor cells Paige Chambers Tracy Larson 2024 Harrison Award
Identifying Impact of Alternative Oxtr Transcript on the Oxytocin Signaling Pathway Lindsey Bruns & Emma Whelan Jessica Connelly 2024 Double Hoo Award