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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Social Enterprise as a Vehicle for 'Buen Vivir' in Intag, Ecuador Emma Karnes David Edmunds 2020 Harrison Award
The Cocktail Party: Directing a Full-Length Play Jakob Cansler Dave Dalton 2020 University Award for Projects in Arts
The effect of climate change related stresses on the germination and molecular response of two geographically distinct populations of Zostera marina. Ryley Crow Karen McGlathery 2020 Harrison Award
The Effect Of Delivery Method On Social Processing Abilities In Infants Aaria Malhotra Meghan Puglia 2020 Harrison Award
The Geography of Convict Road Labor in Virginia Adam Rayburn Claudrena Harold 2020 Harrison Award
The impact of Confederate symbols Jayla Hart & Kyshia Henderson Sophie Trawalter 2020 Double Hoo Award
The impact of insurance coverage on noncompliance within Charlottesville Vani Agarwal & Nabeel Raza Don Detmer 2020 CBURG Award
The Interplay between Metabolism and Cell-autonomous Immunity Logan Harper Bimal Desai 2020 Harrison Award
The Intersection of Maya K'iche' and Spanish Caroline Osborn Eve Danziger 2020 Harrison Award
The Role of Plasma Membrane Order in Insulin Vesicle Exocytosis Chase Amos Lukas Tamm 2020 Harrison Award
The role of PML-nuclear bodies in latent herpes simplex virus infection Hiam Baidas & John Suzich Anna Cliffe 2020 Double Hoo Award
The role of WNK1 kinase in CD8+ memory T cell IL-15-driven self-renewal Tammy Moscovich John Luckey 2020 Harrison Award
Traditional Medical Consultations and Globalization: The State of Astrological Consultations in the Bhutanese Medical System Siana Monet Ariana Maki 2020 Harrison Award
Trio Sobrenna Fourth Year Recital Brent Davis & Sophia Park Adam Cater 2020 University Award for Projects in Arts
tRNA Fragment Stability and the RNA Exosome Matthew Parsons & Briana Wilson Anindya Dutta 2020 Double Hoo Award
Uncovering the genetic basis behind locomotor variation in Drosophila Melanogaster Ingrid Kenyon Jay Hirsh 2020 Harrison Award
Uncovering the Role of Cannabinoid Compounds in Epilepsy Katerina Silis Mark Beenhakker 2020 Harrison Award
Understanding the Relationship between eHealth Intervention Users and Human Supportive Figures: Does Gender Matter? Suraj Patel & Alexandra Silverman Bethany Teachman 2020 Double Hoo Award
Using a Qualitative Analysis of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Expectations and Outcomes Data to Design a Shared Decision-Making Aid Kaila Ross Jose Mattos 2020 Harrison Award
UVA-SWO Partnership for Rangeland Ecology Research and Education Magnolia Matthews, Maelee Hearington, Sophie Wong, Hannah Ownby, Emily Kruse Howard Epstein 2020 CBURG Award