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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Investigating the role of Cst7 expression in the 5xFAD model of Alzheimer's disease Abhi Verma John Lukens 2023 Harrison Award
Investigating the Role of DR6 Reconstitution on Cell Death John Lee & Ekaterina Stepanova Christopher Deppmann 2023 Double Hoo Award
Investigating the role of microglia on social memory implicated afferents in the CA2 Shahzeb Hashmi Elise Cope 2023 Harrison Award
Investigating the Role of Microglial P2RY12 in Seizures Sophia Cheng Ukpong Eyo 2023 Harrison Award
Investigation of Platinum(II)-Catalyzed Olefin Hydrophenylation with Various Ligand Scaffolds Kwanwoo Park & Marc Bennett Thomas Gunnoe 2023 Double Hoo Award
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Mating-Type Switching of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Justin Orchard-Hays Jeffrey Smith 2023 Harrison Award
Localized mitochondrial metabolic activity in Xenopus mesendoderm cells undergoing collective cell migration Wakako Endo & Gustavo Pacheco Douglas DeSimone 2023 Double Hoo Award
Mechanisms of Temperature-dependent Regulation of Kdm6b Gene Expression Angela Yu Hao Jiang 2023 Harrison Award
Modeling Parent-Child Relationship Quality and Adolescent Effortful Control with Fronto-Limbic Functional Connectivity Lauren Silsdorf James Morris 2023 Harrison Award
Naturally Occurring Variants and Their Effect on DNA Secondary Structure in the t-AML Breakpoint Region of the KMT2A Gene Britney Doan Yuh-Hwa Wang 2023 Harrison Award
Non-Invasive Lattice Light Sheet Imaging of Living Host-Microbiome Interfaces Maddie Miles & Deepika Parthasarathy Andreas Gahlmann 2023 Double Hoo Award
Over the Years Kathleen Hammock Karl Miller 2023 University Award for Projects in Arts
Over the Years Kathleen Hammock Karl Miller 2023
Physical and Biochemical Remodeling of Tumor Draining Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer Morgan-Elizabeth McKnight & Katerina Morgaenko Rebecca Pompano 2023 Double Hoo Award
Redefining Borderlands: Japanese Immigrants in Peru, Racialization, and Impact Amy Zapata Joseph Seeley 2023 Harrison Award
Reinforcing culturally-aligned ADS interventions among Spanish-speaking families Santiago Ruiz Barragan Michaela DuBay 2023 Harrison Award
Religious Contestations and Professionalization in Late-19th Century-Early 20th Century Wisconsin Charity Nicholas Gentry Andrew Kahrl 2023 Harrison Award
Role of Microglial P2RY12 on Capillary Associated Microglia Density during Mouse Development Vivian Cao-Dao Ukpong Eyo 2023 Harrison Award
Role of perineuronal nets in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease Archer Gurkin & Lata Chaunsali Harald Sontheimer 2023 Double Hoo Award
Social Connection Strategies Among Recent College Graduates Sally Park & Shelly Tsang Adrienne Wood 2023 Double Hoo Award