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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Quantifying Contractile Forces Driving Tissue Movements in Embryonic Development Dori Beck Shayn Peirce-Cottler 2024 Harrison Award
Reducing the impact of air pollution on population health related quality of life in Kathmandu, Nepal Owen Selden Rajesh Balkrishnan 2024 Harrison Award
Representations of British Early Medieval History in Victorian Popular Culture Sophia Dexter Erik Linstrum 2024 Harrison Award
Revolutionary Rumors: Tracing the Flow of Information in Colonial Boston Karly Scholz Alan Taylor 2024 Harrison Award
Role of long-distance (from axon terminal to soma) regressive signaling in how our brain adapts to various caloric environments and its regulation in vivo using the p75Δpalm mice with regards to metabolic signaling? Shishir Sriramoju Christopher Deppmann 2024 Harrison Award
Single-cell Meta Analysis of Atherosclerotic Progression and Development Ivory Tang Clint Miller 2024 Harrison Award
Start to Finish: Scoring For Film Jeremy Chase Michele Zaccagnini 2024 University Award for Projects in Arts
Strength Knows How to Yield: Understanding the Role of Yielding Through Behavioral Ecology Grace Allen & Jingrun Lin James Coan 2024 Double Hoo Award
Synaptic Connectivity Motifs of Horizontal Cell Dendrites in the Superficial Superior Colliculus of Tree Shrews Stephanie Zhang & Francesca Sciaccotta Alev Erisir 2024 Double Hoo Award
Testing the Red Queen: the evolution of sex in C. elegans with its natural parasite Neha Channamraju Amanda Gibson 2024 Harrison Award
The Effects of Inbreeding and Outbreeding on Daphnia obtusa Isabelle Marsh Alan Bergland 2024 Harrison Award
The Evolution of Pathogen Defense: Avoid or Resist? Adianna Lockwood-Shabat Amanda Gibson 2024 Harrison Award
The Impact of Sleep Behaviors on Recovery from Sport Related Concussion in Collegiate Athletes. Ruby Calhoun Jacob Resch 2024 Harrison Award
The influence of replication stress on Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Tumorigenesis Kate-Lin Ly & Nicole Kirk Kwon-Sik Park 2024 Double Hoo Award
The Patron Saint of Birth Control: Margaret Sanger, St. Margaret of Antioch, and Purity Culture Delia Hughes & Katherine Churchill Bonnie Gordon 2024 Double Hoo Award
The Relationship Between Intestinal Innate Lymphoid Cells and The Gut Microbiome During Intergenerational Undernutrition Lindsey Bihuniak & Claire Williams Carrie Cowardin 2024 Double Hoo Award
The role NLRP1 inflammasome in ocular toxoplasmisis Seblework Alemu & Isaac Babcock Tajie Harris 2024 Double Hoo Award
The role of migration in driving adult neurogenesis in songbirds and determining the size of a seasonally plastic neural region controlling singing behavior Anya Majji Tracy Larson 2024 Harrison Award
The Role of Phosphorylation of PCDH15 in Regulating Hair Cell Planar Polarity and Function Alison Lim & Aray Adylkhan Xiaowei Lu 2024 Double Hoo Award
The role of the actin binding protein Afadin in the type II spiral ganglion neuron afferent guidance pathway Jasmine Wang Xiaowei Lu 2024 Harrison Award