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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
To Those Who Grieved Alone Samman Akbarzada Bonnie Gordon 2024 University Award for Projects in Arts
Transgenerational Effects of Combination High Fat and High Sugar Diet on Drosophila Melanogaster Maternal Obesity Model Ayesha Ahsan Alan Bergland 2024 Harrison Award
Understanding the Neural Basis of Social Touch: an Asleep Infant fMRI Investigation Macie Tran & Cabell Williams Meghan Puglia 2024 Double Hoo Award
Understanding the Role of Trpm7 in Neuroinflammation Jason Simon Bimal Desai 2024 Harrison Award
Urinary Extracellular Vesicles as Biomarkers for Diabetic Kidney Disease Samantha Upson Uta Erdbruegger 2024 Harrison Award
Use of hypomethylating agents to reprogram LGL leukemia cells Dac Nguyen Phuc Nguyen & Ariana Sabzevari Thomas Loughran 2024 Double Hoo Award
Vasoactive intestinal peptide-expressing (VIP) interneuron impairment in SCN8A Epileptic Encephalopathy Shrinidhi Kittur Manoj Patel 2024 Harrison Award
‘Double Hit' Hypothesis Characterizing a Mouse Model of Preterm Birth and Immune Activation Olivia Buell Adema Ribic 2024 Harrison Award
#MeToo and the Accused; Apologies, Denials, and Employment Trends in Hollywood Noelle Mendelson & Julia Stein Dessauer Isaac Reed 2023 Double Hoo Award
A Computational and Imaging Study of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) Emily Zhu Per Sederberg 2023 Harrison Award
A Smartphone-Paper-Microfluidic-Based Device for the Measurement of Serum Creatinine Amelia Bergeron & Xiaoyu Yu Yong Wang 2023 Double Hoo Award
American Intelligence: John K. Fairbank and the Relationship between American Academia and China Policy in the Early Cold War Sivan Ben-David Bradly Reed 2023 Harrison Award
An Exploration of How Gut Microbiota Influences Early Life Neurogenesis in Drosophila Melanogaster Crystal Guerrero & Taylor Nystrom Sarah Siegrist 2023 Double Hoo Award
An Investigation of Immune Genes in Daphnia Pulex Madison Doceti & Robert Porter Alan Bergland 2023 Double Hoo Award
Analysis of Native and Invasive Plant Species Abundances and Distribution on Observatory Hill Claire de la Paz & Elise Heffernan Howard Epstein 2023 Double Hoo Award
Are Dads Necessary? The Role of the Father in the Development of the Male Brain and Behavior Trisha Maheshwari & Taylor Hinton Allison Perkeybile 2023 Double Hoo Award
Building the Hydrogen Economy: Understanding Hydrogen-Material Interactions in Additively Manufactured Metals Lara Ojh James Burns 2023 Harrison Award
Determining the role of tenascin-n (tnn) in perineurial glia development Cole Blanton & Charles Mrcucci Sarah Kucenas 2023 Double Hoo Award
Developing a semantic genomic data search engine using natural language processing and representation learning Alip Arslan & Nathan LeRoy Nathan Sheffield 2023 Double Hoo Award
Development of a deep learning algorithm for quantification of pancreatic islet mass in mice Kate Brady Weiben Shi 2023 Harrison Award